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02.14.22 J.F.B., Lazyboy & Don Godo

Finally, the pictures are here and there are more to come! Thank you to everyone for coming out and making this a night to remember. Stay Tuned for more pictures. 🚨 VERY SPECIAL EVENT 🚨 UK to the BAY! 1st US TOUR @jfbdj at MOM SF & OAKLAND w/ support in SF by another Champion DJ @djlazyboy Plus @gordocabeza @datboiturnup @iamhiyam @itookpix @powerquevedo @madroneartbar #motownonmondays #momdjs #motownmondays #dmc #rebull3style #goldieawards #madroneartbar #fusicology #tu

10.04.21 Knowpaslaps & Don Gordo

TONIGHT! MOTOWN ON MONDAYS It’s only Monday if you treat it like one! DJ Gordo Cabeza and weekly guests play originals, exclusive remixes and close relatives of your favorite Motown songs. The most talked about night in town @madroneartbar 7pm-2am #motownonmondays #momdjs #motownmondays #fusicology

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