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08.14.23 Dj Juicy Juice

This was a very special night....

It’s all about the stories! Put a ❤️ in the comments if you’ve got a MOM story or two.

Copied from our super special guest tonight @juicyjuicedj -

I've got the guest spot at MOM at @madroneartbar tonight, babes!! MOM founder @gordocabeza throws down first at 7pm - join me on the dance floor, and then I'll spin some tunes for you starting around 10pm!

When I first moved to the city in 2010, there were a few dark years when I didn't know where to find good music. (I had a bad habit of going to Hotel Utah without knowing who was playing...)

During that time, MOM was the ONLY place where I could always find music I wanted to dance to. It was the only place that made me feel cool and like I knew sh*t about this city I had moved to. I think I might've even had my bday party there in 2012?!

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